About Us

It all started with a puppy named Shay…

Founded in 2020, Shay’s Way was created as a solution to get pets that are picky eaters to not only devour their meals, but also ensure that these picky eaters are getting the right dose of healthy fats. Shay, our family puppy, was a picky eater. Like picky children pushing vegetables around on their plate, Shay was not interested in eating her meals. This was cause for concern as we were worried about Shay not getting proper nutrients due to her lack of eating. Our family was trying everything imaginable to get her to eat, until one day we finally found a solution. After family dinner we gave shay some salmon. To our amazement, the salmon and all the other kibble in the bowl was devoured! The feeling we had knowing Shay was finally eating and getting the right dose of healthy fats, is something we want to share with all pet parents who have gone through what we have experienced.

About Our Products

Sustainably sourced fresh raw fish with no entrails from the west coast of Canada. Received at our CFIA (Canada
Food Inspection Agency) registered facility, fresh from the source and processed into various products including Shay’s Way pet meal toppers which are portioned to size then frozen prior to next process.

Portions are thawed and hand filled into Shay’s Way pouches. They are small batch processed, pressure cooked (Retorted) into the Shay’s Way foil pouch. This is a fully cooked product that eliminates any pathogens as
may be contained in raw products.

All single species products for customers to know exactly the variety of salmon or others product forms. The vast majority of freeze dry products are mixed species ground and extruded into shape.

We use high fat content fish species to maximize the amazing benefits of fish oils. Our products contain
between 15% and 20% oils whereas Sockeye 6% and pink 3% respectively. Only raw materials from CFIA and FDA registered seafood facilities are used in Shay's Way products.